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Express + Node.js

Your first App.

A simple guide to building your first basic Express & Node App using the Express Generator included in Express v4.x

- 8 Mar 2018 by @zakburki

Blog React

Express.js with Node

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Blog Aware, Static Site Generator

A simple tutorial for building a smart blog aware static site using Jekyll. The ruby based tool that powers many dev blogs. Little programming experience required.

- 20 Mar 2016 by @irmbrady

Blog React

Jeykll, Static Site Generator

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Now Available on Windows

A tutorial for creating your first Meteor.js App on Windows and where to progress next.

- 22 Mar 2015 by @zakburki

Blog Meteor

Meteor, Windows Intro Tutorial

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Masters of Code Hackathon

AngelHack + Mastercard

AngelHack are in town. Promoting their Innaugral Masters of Code Hackathon. 150 people participated. CodeLearn Asia members made it into the HK Final.

- 25 Mar 2015 by @zakburki

Blog MastersOfCode

Masters of Code

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UiKit Dynamic Grid

Pinterest Style Dynamic Image Panels

UIKit uses the CSS3 Flex component with its own Grid components to create seamless panels that are responsive and automatically close the gaps. With very little code. We try it out.

- 20 Mar 2015 by @markduke

Blog Dynamic-Grid

UiKit Dynamic Grid

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Blog HourOfCode

HourOfCode HK

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Hour Of Code HK

Start with One #HourOfCode

CitU and Let's Code are bringing together free coding sessions in Hong Kong to get people into coding and inspire them to continue.

- 16 Mar 2015 by @zakburki


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Code Chat and Coffee @ Joe & Doughs. 4pm Sun Sep 2nd. Novena. Singapore.
Code Chat and Drinks @ Joe Bananas. 4pm Sun Sep 2nd. Wan Chai. Hong Kong.
Code Chat and Cofee @ Starbucks. 4pm Sun Sep 2nd. Zhongguancun. Beijing.

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Code Chat and Icecream @ Cold Stone. 4pm Sun August 12th. Somerset. Singapore.

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