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Intermediate Path.


Suggested Learning Approach. - Assuming you know HTML/CSS/JS to a decent standard.


Why you have to learn this?

Server Side Coding needs to be performed. If you're sticking with JavaScript then there's only one real option. Node.js (or it's sister IO.js). Potentially the biggest revolution in Server Side Programming in a generation. Learn this -> be future proof.

Resources: Node Guide for Beginners (Free). TutsPlus Tutorial (Free). Node.js API.



Why you have to learn this?

Express is the minimalist framework of choice with the use of Node.js. It is very lightweight, powerful and provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applications. The router features are some of the best out there for serving up files and templates. Uses full fetures on HTTP protocols (e.g. GET/POST/PUT/HEAD).

Resources: Express Routing Tutorial. CWBuecheler Express Tutorial (Free).

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Templating Engine

Why you have to learn this?

You'll need to learn and use a Templating Engine of your Choice in conjunction with Express to provide your views (for example HTML). Handlebars is my personal favourite as the syntax is arguably simpler than most.

Other popular ones are: Jade. EJS. Dust.

Resources: Handlebars Getting Started Guide (Free). Tuts Plus Handlebars Tutorial(Free).



Why you should learn this?

You'll need at least one database for persistent and centralised storage of data. MySQL is the most popular open source and free SQL database. SQL is the foundation of most databases built since the 70s, is still robust and works exceptionally well with relational tables. Data that links to each other. Getting MySQL started is a breeze and can be connected to pretty much every framework for every programming language out there

Resources: MySQL Tutorial (Free). MySQL API.

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Useful Extras that will help with your App development.


Why is it good to learn this?

UIKit is a lightweight, modular front-end framework similar to Bootstrap. The components are broken further down into smaller parts that connect together throughout the framework. UIkit has very powerful features and minimises the usage of JavaSscript by the developer by bundling most components into CSS Classes and Objects. The off-canvas feature sits very well with Mobile App usage.

Resources: Despreneur UIkit Tutorial (Free). UIkit API Reference

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